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     I met Wayne and Lori Harms (The Moustache and the Lady) when they purchased a dog from me. Since then I have come to respect Lori for her eye for good conformation, her ethics in breeding and placing pups and her wonderful dogs.    Her sire throws nice forechests, her pups have bone and substance and a good wide lower jaw.   The chest and jaw are something we need to watch in our breed.  

I have since gotten two pups from Lori to show and add to my breeding program.  I have bred one of my home bred bitches (who I think is outstanding) to her Irish import Huckleberry, with high expectations for this breeding.   

Lori takes wonderful care of her dogs and does health testing.  I have been impressed with the overall quality of her litters.   

Timbercreek is a wonderful home and breeder with protection of our breed foremost in their minds.  

Bonny Bell.  Bellemere Irish Wolfhounds






              “After deciding that we wanted to add an IW to our family, our family started the process of


              searching for a reputable breeder who would actually work with us and help educate us on the

              breed, as well as eventually place a puppy with us. It took well over two years until we finally

              Lori and Wayne. I can say without hesitation that they are the best! Lori was thoughtful and

              patient. She answered all our questions and concerns. She did so while always keeping the best

              interests of her puppies and the breed in mind. The love the Harms have for their IW’s is obvious.

              When we finally got to pick up our puppy we found him on a farm filled with content and well cared-

              for animals. Our puppy was obviously happy, healthy, and content. All the dogs were.


              Our pup has been an amazing addition to our family and has continued to thrive. His health and

              wonderful disposition I attribute to the care provided by Lori and Wayne. For all of these reason, I

              wholeheartedly recommend Timbercreek Irish Wolfhounds as a breeder.”


              Russ & Mary  FLORIDA 8/17

How to cure a broken heart after the loss of a heart hound —— speak with  Lori Harms a wonderful IW breeder. As I was researching Irish Wolfhound breeders I was fortunate to come into contact with Lori. We talked,shared Irish Wolfhound stories and ultimately  I was selected  to be a home  for one of her Irish Wolfhound puppies. Well,let me tell you it has been a wonderful experience.Her Irish wolfhounds are  raised in a family atmosphere with love  and devotion. My little guy has been with me for 2 weeks now and captured my heart from the first meeting.He is personality plus. He arrived wagging his tail and has not stopped.He is alternately rowdy and gentile,  curious and unafraid  and in love with  anyone or anything that comes across his path. If you are looking for a healthy well socialized,true to type Irish Wolfhound look no further than  Lori.

Eileen, California

We just got our first wolfhound puppy from Lori at Timbercreek and I couldn’t be more pleased with everything.  I am proud to say we have an outstanding wolfhound puppy from the Huckleberry and Maeve match – welcome home Finn!  Lori demonstrated ethical care of the hounds throughout the process and kept me informed of how things were progressing with the momma (Maeve – so beautiful).  Once Maeve’s puppies were born, Lori was so great about sharing videos and photos of the little rascals.  She took the time to get to know me and my daughter personally, which made her perfectly equipped to help us pick just the right puppy from the litter.  HE IS PERFECT!!!!!!


Throughout the process of waiting for the puppies to be born and then waiting for our furry baby to be ready to come home, Lori demonstrated what superior care of these animals is.  She has such a strong love for all of the dogs and is very careful about their placement to ensure they will be secure, healthy and loved in good homes. 


Since we have taken Finn home, Lori has maintained consistent contact with me to make sure everything is going well and is readily available to answer all of my questions.  It is obvious that she wants these dogs, that she has worked so hard for and cared for, to thrive in healthy environments.  If I were to call Lori any time in the future with questions that she will undoubtedly be ready and willing to help me. She has offered sound advice on care, feeding and vaccinations that I know is consistent with best practices for this magnificent breed.  When I picked Finn up, Lori provided me with a packet of information along with thorough account of worming and health care records to share with my vet.  Most importantly, we have a healthy, handsome, super sweet, loveable, cuddly perfect bundle of fur who is a champ.  He rode in the car back home (5.5 hours!) like a dream.  All of the hard work that Lori put into the litter to acclimate them to new things has paid off.  Finn has been absolutely wonderful.  I am so glad that I got my first wolfhound from Lori at Timbercreek and can’t imagine ever having gone, or going to another breeder.  She has built trust with me and takes great pride in how she raises her pups.


Thanks Lori!! We love Finn!

Jolie and Abbie

In October of 2016 we were dealt a horrible blow to our family. We had to make the hardest decision to put our beloved Irish Wolfhound mix Ivan to sleep. We had 10 great years with him and he taught us so much about love. We were left with one free dog, Yohann, a lab mix and we knew our house was meant to have 2 dogs. We started to research the Irish Wolfhound breed and realized they have so many qualities we cherish. We started looking for puppies and the first name I came across was Lori with Timbercreek Irish Wolfhounds. I sent her a message asking for some information and told her about the loss of our sweet Ivan. From that moment on, I knew that she was the person from whom we would get out next puppy. We had never bought a dog before; both of our fur babies were rescues, so we really didn't have a lot of experience in the process. Lori made the process so easy and provided all kinds of information. She sent pictures all along the way and kept us updated on our puppies progress. When the day finally came for us to make the journey to Kansas from Dallas, Texas we were so excited! Meeting Lori and her wonderful Wolfhounds was such a pleasure. You can see the love she has for the breed and for her dogs. When we finally met our puppy, Odin, we were overjoyed! He is everything we had hoped for and more! He has been part of our family for a little over a week now and we can't imagine our lives without him! I would recommend Lori and her Irish Wolfhounds a thousand times over to anyone who is looking for a great quality dog and a wonderful experience! Our family is now complete!

When we started our search for our new wolfhound puppy,somehow we landed in Kansas at
Timbercreek Irish Wolfhounds. Lori was wonderful and kept us informed with e-mails and
pictures from the day he was born until the day we picked him up.
And what a wonderful bundle of joy he has become; he is everything we hoped for and more.
He is a lovable,gentle, so easy to train, and has a wonderful disposition. We are absolutely
head over heals about him.
Once we saw Timbercreek and all the wolfhounds we knew for sure Lori and her husband are
dedicated to breeding and raising very high quality dogs. All the dogs we met were beautiful,
gentle and socially outgoing.
We would strongly recommend - if you are looking for a great wolfhound you need not look any
further than Timbercreek Irish Wolfhounds.
Yes Toto, there is a wee bit of Ireland captured in Blue Rapids, Kansas

Linda and Tom Reel, St Louis Mo.


Good people - great hounds !

Lori and Wayne are wonderful people living on an idyllic farm that truly is a hound paradise. They are the type of people that not only truly care about their dogs but also make those of us lucky enough to bring a hound into our lives feel as if we are part of their family too.

Their whole pack exemplifies the beauty and temperament that we've come to know of the wolfhound. Our little pup already exhibits all of the wonderful traits of the breed and she has a depth of character beyond our expectations. She is 3 months old, and we are already thinking ahead to our second Timbercreek IWH !

Phil and Lou, Texas



Acquiring a My Timber Creek Irish Wolfhound


When I unexpectedly lost my beloved Great Dane, I had to begin the process I have come to dread. As much as I love dogs, I loathe acquiring one. How do I find a reputable breeder? Are puppies available? When I look at puppies, I want them all… and their parents too! Is this the right one? Will he be healthy? Will he behave the way I expect him to? What if… Being a devoted fan of the larger breeds, I decided to consider an Irish Wolfhound and came across Lori and Wayne. They are friendly, reasonable, knowledgeable people who are devoted to the breed and placing the dogs they raise with loving homes capable of handling the realities of living with giant powerful dogs like the Wolfhound. This is not easily accomplished dealing with a public like today’s.

What made me acquire a dog from Lori and Wayne Harms and why once acquired, do I want to maintain a relationship with them? In one word, trust. When I asked a question, I got an honest, straight forward answer unequivocally. Without asking, I was given a list of references of people who had acquired dogs from the Harms and encouraged to call. Upon arrival at their ranch, I was received with genuine hospitality as well as professionalism. Their dog’s looks, condition, and behavior did nothing but enhance this trust. I sit writing this, my perfect Wolfhound Seamus napping at my feet, and think… How unbelievably cliché! (BTW, I want to steal their ranch!)

Tim, Texas

The first time I met an Irish Wolfhound ( approximately 25 years ago ) I fell in love with this breed and always wanted one of them to join our family. Time passed quickly but finally it was the right time. I spent 6 months looking for and researching breeders all over the country. I am so happy I did this because when I met Lori Harms of Timbercreek Irish Wolfhounds I knew I had found the right person. Lori was very knowledgeable and so willing to answer any questions that came up. Once we made a choice of which puppy we wanted (with her help) we had to wait for several agonizing weeks. During this time Lori provided pictures, videos, results of vet checks, answers to many questions and helped us get through the whole process. She even helped us figure out how to get the puppy to us out of state! I found Lori to be an honest caring person who has continued to care after we had our puppy. In the end we had a very healthy, happy and loving member added to our family. I feel this is due to Lori's love and care given to her adult dogs which results in great puppies and our beloved Donovan.



I would really like to take this time to thank Lori Harms for giving my family the opportunity of having another wolfhound with us.   From our very first telephone conversation I knew this would be a good fit.  You knew she loves her dogs and wants the best for them.  My wife and I went to see the pups several times and left more impressed each time.  Lori can't hide the love, enjoyment and knowledge of her dogs and the breed.  The facilities were always clean and well kept and Lori was always eager to answer questions and give suggestions.  We have a loving and well adjusted puppy (that still has those baby teeth and is chewing whatever) thank you Lori. 

Mark ,Kansas.


I would like to tell you about my experience getting not one but two Irish wolfhound puppies(Finnegan and Magnus) from Lori.  After a terrible year of losing 4 of our beloved dogs (one wolfhound two great danes and one English mastiff ) and our 21 one year old cat, we were in search of some happiness and found Timbercreek Irishwolfhounds website.  I knew after speaking with Lori on many occasions and seeing the pictures of her hounds that we wanted one or what ended up being two of her puppies.


I couldn't decide from the pictures which puppies we wanted so I ended up driving 6 1/2 hours to pick a puppy.  They were all adorable and sweet and it was very difficult  to pick so I kept going back and fourth between 3 of the puppies and finally decided we should just get two puppies.   


I can not say enough about how patient Lori was with all my questions (and there were a lot of questions) and she sent me numerous pictures of the puppies.  It was a great experience and my veterinarian gave the puppies a clean bill of health.  Finn and Magnus are so smart and sweet I couldn't be happier with these pups!!! Lori's adult wolfhounds were so amazing to meet,  It was just an all around great experience.  I would highly recommend her puppies.     

Krystal and Brian Adkins

"Through the past twelve years we have lived with eight dogs, equal parts rescue and purebred. Our first exposure to an actual Irish Wolfhound occurred at the Renaissance Fair in Bristol, Wi. several years ago. The faux medieval theme park featured Irish Wolfhounds as the historical canine of royalty. Despite the heat of summer the  Wolfhounds were remarkable for their poise and disposition. And they were easily the most magnificent dogs we had ever seen.

When the timing became right in 2015 we began to further research the breed and its availability. Our efforts to secure a rescue Irish Wolfhound were disappointing : nationwide the waiting lists are long and there are few available that aren't mixes. Given our two Shiloh Shepherds are from Canada, we explored Canadian breeders but recent changes to the importation regs on Canadian puppies tossed that idea in a cocked hat.

We found Lori and Wayne's website and were impressed with its clarity, depth and the passion of testimonials on their behalf. My initial September email to Lori was answered in less than a day beginning  continual and thorough communication on her part.   Her recommendations/experiences as regards raw diet, interaction of Irish Wolfhounds with other breeds and raising siblings from a litter all informed our desire for two puppies.

When Huckleberry and Willow became proud parents on 10/30/15, Lori kept us aware of the litter's progress thru texts and photos. We were thrilled to pick up Falcor and Paedar, her brother on January 9th of this year at Timber Creek. After a trip back to Chicago interrupted by a blizzard that had us in a hotel for our first night together, the puppies are thriving in their new environment.

Lori has been there for us throughout the early days, checking in and quick to respond to texts and calls. That means the world and we can't thank her enough for her support. I have known a great many breeders in my work on the Development Board of PAWS (Pets Are Worth Saving) Chicago. I truly  believe that Irish Wolfhounds are the "King of Dogs". And that Lori Harms is the Queen of Dog Breeders."

Pat and Maia, Illinois

We are so thrilled to have a Timbercreek Irish Wolfhound joining our family. After owning an Irish wolfhound 15 years ago, we came back to wanting one of these magnificent, gentle, intelligent family members to be a part of ours.  While doing my research on finding an Irish Wolfhound breeder, everything I read, saw and heard on Timbercreek and Lori was so encouraging. She was tireless in sending pictures and videos of proud Maeve and the growing pups. I remember thinking to myself: “I wonder if Lori ever sleeps…?”  I was also impressed with all she does to have the puppies experience and investigate new things during those early weeks. So vital for the puppies development and confidence, so entertaining for us. 


Then finally, the day arrived and we got to meet Lori and her Irish Wolfhounds in person and the meeting only reinforced my impressions of Timbercreek.  Lori's Hounds are a part of her family and her home.  She is a knowledgable breeder that takes her responsibilities toward this breed seriously. She did a great job communicating to us what precious cargo we were taking home and her instructions and advice were invaluable. Her hard work and dedication comes shining through in these well mannered, easy going adults and puppies we met. It also shows when you see how hard it is for her to say goodbye to these puppies.


Our “little” guy has been with us for almost a month now and we can’t imagine our lives without him. He rode in the car with us for 9 hours when we picked him up and did great. He is a healthy, cautious, yet curious and confident, even-tempered, and quick-to-learn bundle of furry fun and love. Every new situation or experience he approaches with calm curiosity and that is thanks to Lori’s hard work, I am certain.  Lori has been so wonderful in checking in to see how things are going and if there are any questions we have. We are looking forward to having Buck be part of our family for a long time and have no doubt that Lori will always be there for us to ask for advice or guidance in anything that may arise concerning Buck. 


Thank you Lori, for giving us the good fortune of receiving one of your precious Wolfhounds!


The Cobb Family

We purchased our first Irish Wolfhound from Timbercreek a little less than a year ago. They let us come and visit their home and dogs. From the moment we stepped out of the car through today they have been welcoming, generous in sharing their knowledge, and above reproach in our dealings with them. You can truly tell how much they love this Breed and their dogs. We did much research before settling on Timbercreek wolfhounds, and our experience has confirmed we made the right choice. Finnegan is now almost a year old and an amazing part of our family. He is wonderful with our kids, very sociable in public, and loving beyond compare. His temperament and confirmation leave nothing to be desired- he is truly perfect in every way. We will never go elsewhere and can't wait to add to our wolfhound family! Thanks TCW for the latest addition to our family!!!

I went to a dog show looking to fall in love. I was there to talk to breeders and meet the dogs of the breeds I was seriously considering bringing into our house as a new member of our family.  All of my attentions were elsewhere when Fate intervened. An accident in the ring turned my gaze on the breed showing....the Irish Wolfhound. Have you ever gone window shopping and had the biggest urge to go into the store? That urge brought me in front of the dogs and their owners. I suddenly began devouring their words and mentally sketching the sight, feel and sounds of the dogs before me. And then, almost mid-sentence, I looked into his eyes. He had been staring at me and his gaze beckoned me to come closer. As I bent to get closer, he licked my face and leaned his big body against my legs. I was in love and the decision was fatefully made. An Irish Wolfhound would become the newest member of our family.


It was meant to be for Lori and I to meet. You see, I NEVER call anyone! When our phone rings, I let it go to voicemail. For me to pick up the phone and call someone takes Divine intervention...which is what must have happened the day I called Lori Harms to congratulate her on being the breeder of the dog whom had just won a ribbon at the National Specialty...and was also the dog I had fallen in love with on that fateful day at the dog show. This phone call was also the one that made me the proud, over-the-moon owner of Teaghan...a full sister of that dog whose soulful eyes and loving personality stole my heart.


The Timbercreek dogs have spectacular Wolfhound temperaments; have strong, sturdy bone structure and density; are long-lived and have very few health concerns. They live in an environment that any Wolfhound would love. Although I did not get the pleasure of meeting Wayne, Lori has been extremely accommodating; is easy to work with and is a very honest and trustworthy person. She has high standards; is very devoted to her dogs and is an outstanding breeder of Irish Wolfhounds. I feel blessed to have Teaghan here with us at home and honored to call Lori my new friend.

Cyndi from Ohio

    I have had Irish Wolfhounds since 1999. I will never get an Irish Wolfhound from anyone else.
Lori herself is honest, knowledgeable and completely devoted to the breed.

Her home and ranch are welcoming and her Irish Wolfhounds are beautiful, healthy and very friendly.
The puppies are given excellent care and lots of love from birth.
My Connor is an absolute joy. He is everything an Irish Wolfhound should be and he is adored by everyone.
I highly recommend Timbercreek! Lori is just the best.
Debbie, Missouri

We have two Timbercreek Wolfhounds.
Our boy, Shamus, is from Xander and Boudicci. He is three and a half and a wonderful boy. He has a great personality and is very healthy. He is 36 inches tall and loves everyone.
Our most recent addition to the family is Darby. She is only 3 months and very smart. She is fron Xander and Devlin. She is Shamus' half sister. Our vet had nothing but wonderful things to say about our breeder and how healthy Darby is.
Lori is an easy person to work with and very willing to have you come visit her farm and all the hounds anytime you can come. You just need to make sure they will be home. All of the dogs are wonderful, sweet dogs. We have three kids and they have loved going there and seeing all the wolfies. If we could have more then two wolfhounds in the house, I would .And I would get that wolfhound from Lori.

Jennifer, Kansas


We just purchased our Irish Wolfhound puppy from Wayne and Lori.  I would love to share many reasons why Lori is so wonderful (the both of them are) and why I wouldn't buy a puppy from anywhere else.
Her name is Elsa and she comes to us in a time when we truly need her.  We have been through some pretty rough times and she is perfect for our family and comes along at a perfect time for us.  She is a beautiful distraction, an addition to our family and a best friend in the making.
I met Lori a year ago when I saw some puppies for sale and called her.  I knew we weren't going to buy one but I needed to chat with breeders and get to know them.  You see, we had just lost our Abe and he was our first Wolfhound.  We only had him for 4 1/2 years before pneumonia, of all things, took him from us.  We received no help or guidance from our breeder and we were left helpless watching him get sicker by the day despite our efforts, our vet's efforts and the efforts of Purdue University.  His immune system was not able to fight off his sickness and we lost him.  Lori spoke with me for quite sometime as I was still searching for knowledge after our loss.  She gave me ideas, introduced me to a group on Facebook and invited me to call her should I ever have any further questions.  She also mentioned to me that she wouldn't be having anymore puppies until probably sometime around fall of 2014... Which I never forgot.  I think I knew in the back of my mind that I wouldn't buy a puppy from anyone else.

Fast forward a year and a half.  I texted Lori because my husband and I talked and we just missed having the "big kid" around the house and reminded her that she had told me she may be having puppies soon and was wondering if by any chance that happened.  She replied that they were due next week!!  I told her we were actually seriously considering a puppy at this time and she said she would let me know.

Monday, October 6th, 2014 at 5:37 am I receive a text message, "We're having puppies!!" With a picture of a freshly born Irish Wolfhound puppy.  I was THRILLED to get a text so early and felt a part of them all being born throughout the day!  It was fabulous!!!

As the days and weeks went on, Lori stayed in contact with me and me with her.  She gave me valuable information, sent fun pictures (I should add that we live 9 hours away) and videos.  I felt like we got to see our little Elsa grow from afar.

The day we went to pick her up was SO EXCITING!  It was exciting to meet Elsa for the first time but, I tell you what, being greeted by the other Wolfhounds was just unbelievable.  They are all so beautiful and loving and affectionate.  It was wonderful seeing all of them!  They are her pets but she loves them and treats them like family.

Her and Wayne are fantastic and wonderful people and I cannot say enough about the two of them.  They CARE about their Wolfhounds and they consider even the puppies they sell an extended part of their family.  Lori will check in on how Elsa is doing and I am sharing tons of pictures and videos because I know she cares and wants to see them.  She is actually fighting a bladder infection right now and the minute I told Lori about it, she started asking questions and giving me information!  I even received a couple texts early in the morning because she was doing research on ways to help bladder infections.  Bless her heart, she was so bothered by the whole thing and that means more than she will ever know.

Sometimes, actually almost always, owning a dog isn't all "rainbows and unicorns".  When that happens, you want someone like Lori to be able to turn to.  She is knowledgable, willing to research for you and she truly cares about you and your Wolfhound.  You won't be sorry having someone like her as a resource, a breeder, and a friend.  I can't speak highly enough about her and Wayne.  They are just really wonderful people!

David and Angie Wulf, Illinois

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