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When I wake up to the ‘Huckleberry Hound’ snuggled next to me, I realize I must have done something
pretty good in a prior life to be living the life I live now.
I brought my new puppy Huck back to my home in Alaska from Wayne and Lori’s ranch in Kansas this
last winter. I could have had my puppy shipped to me, but I wanted to meet these people who had
answered all my questions with knowledge and care. I was greeted with warmth and was soon
surrounded by furry giants upon reaching their home. Wayne and Lori are incredibly genuine, thoughtful
people and they sure do love their dogs. I’m so glad I made the journey.
The puppies were sleeping in a puppy pile when I arrived. I sat quietly on the floor as the pile unfolded
and the room came alive with wiggly bodies. One of the puppies crawled into my lap. Lori walked in and
said “That’s your pup!”. I had asked them to choose my pup and get him acclimated to a sky kennel for
the long flight to Alaska. They had purchased the kennel for me and also prepared a puppy to-go
package which included a blanket, a toy, a harness, food and snacks.
Huckleberry is named after his grandfather but after spending some time with him I think he looks like a
cartoon and am reminded of ‘Huckleberry Hound’ from the Yogi Bear cartoons.
I believe the connection I have made with Wayne and Lori will last a lifetime. I am so grateful for their
kindness and I have a deep respect for their love of Irish Wolfhounds.
Thank you, Wayne and Lori for being who you are.

Denny Alaska

Lori and Wayne are wonderful folks. Its been such a pleasure the entire way. 

Not only are they great to deal with, their vast knowledge of the breed made us feel 

at ease through the entire process. They truly care about the breed, and their dogs. 

When I arrived at their farm I was taken aback. Its a wonderful property for raising any kind of 

animal, especially dogs. when i stepped out of my car I was instantly greeted by 

four of the sweetest giants. Stunning examples of the breeds temperament and size.

I'm 6'7 and I was like "WOW! Look at these sweet, HUGE babies." Lori and Wayne

were so welcoming. Showed me around, introducing me to all the pups. (they even made me breakfast) Upon leaving, they sent me with a LARGE care package to help with the transition home. 


Lori and Wayne made this a truly wonderful experience. If you're thinking about adding a wolfhound to your family, contact them. These are they type of people who give breeders a

GOOD name.