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My husband and I decided back in 2015 that we would like to get an Irish

Wolfhound someday.  We started researching the breed and contacting and

visiting breeders back in March 2015. 

We came across Lori's website for Timbercreek and noticed how gorgeous her

dogs were.  I contacted her and asked if we could visit sometime and meet

the adults.  We were not ready for a puppy yet so our main goal in visiting

breeders was to get some exposer to adult Irish Wolfhounds and hopefully

meet the parents of our future puppy.  We visited Lori and he dogs the fall

of 2016 and were  so very impressed how well behaved her dogs were.  She had

raw chicken sitting on her counter and they did not even think of bothering

it, we went outside and then back in and there it still sat.  She was so

wonderful about letting us spend time with her dogs and answering our

million questions.  Before we left, my husband put our name on her list for

a future litter from Huckleberry and Maeve.  In between then and the litter

being born, Lori continued to answer more and more questions we had.  Once

Maeve went into heat, she kept us informed on how everything was

progressing.  She text me the day she found out for sure Maeve was pregnant.

She texted me pictures of pregnant Maeve.  Then the big day came June 14th,

2017 and our baby was born and we got wonderful pictures sent to us of the

babies.  Lori kept me informed how the puppies were doing and at 5 weeks old

let us come meet the puppies and pick out our baby.  We traveled the 5 1/2

hrs. to get to see them.  I knew the second I held our little girl that she

was the one, she cuddled right up in my lap and went to sleep.  It was so

hard to leave, but knew we would see her again in the next 4-5 weeks.  We

picked up Riley on August 18th and fell in love with her all  over again.

We had to travel the 5 1/2 hrs home and she slept most of the way. 

We have not had a puppy in 12 years so it is like having an infant again in

some ways, Lori is so wonderful about answering texts or e-mails with

answers to our questions.

I would highly recommend Timbercreek Irish Wolfhounds if you are looking for

a wonderful breeder.  She could just sell the puppies and go on with her

life, but she seriously continues to care about them and wants to know how

they are doing.  We will for sure get another puppy someday from Lori.

Sonja, Iowa 2017

When I was about 10, my parents and I visited the local city park to see the dog show. As I was looking around, I tripped on a large tree root. I face-planted. When I sat up, to my dismay, I was nose to nose with the first Irish Wolfhound I had ever seen. It was not a tree root, but a leg of one of these gargantuan creatures that I had tripped over. The hound merely looked at me as if to say, “I’m sorry, was I in your way?” I loved the breed ever since. I knew that my situation had to be perfect to get my first hound. I wanted to have a large yard for him to run around in. Finally, we were in the right place, and my husband and I began talking about getting one. At first, one of my young adult sons did not want another dog, as our Golden Retriever of 12 had recently passed, but when we told him about the hounds his response was “Well, go big or go home. I’m in!”

After much research on the breed, and various breeders, I knew I needed to spend a bit more time with some hounds to better ensure that we understood what we were getting into. After all, this dog would be bigger than me! We found Timbercreek, and I called Lori and she graciously agreed to let my family and I come out and see the hounds.

I was blown away. They were as magnificent as I had always remembered. I was in love with them all over again. Maeve was pregnant (out of Huckleberry) at the time of our first visit. It was thrilling to see all the dogs. As I have a background in veterinary care, I knew what to look for in a reputable kennel. When we arrived on property, the dogs were all alert, but quiet. The kennels were all clean and in great condition. As they brought the dogs over to introduce them, I knew I wanted one of her dogs. They were large, healthy, happy hounds with great temperament and wonderful conformation.

Once the puppies were born and we were able to purchase one, Lori was wonderful at keeping us up to date on his progress and sending pictures, and inviting us to visit. By the time our puppy came home with us, he already seemed to recognize us as his own. We were sent home with a packet that included all vet care (the beginning of the puppy series of shots), copies of pedigrees, and information on feeding.

It has taken us forever to pick a name, but we decided to call him “Finley”, Finn for short. In the month that we have had him, I have loved every minute of being with him, and am so thankful to Lori for her counsel, concern, and encouragement. She and Wayne have made themselves available for anything and everything that I have needed for taking care of Finn. In a month, he is mostly potty trained (he hasn’t had an accident in over 2 weeks, but I don’t want to jinx myself yet!). He knows sit, come, down, out, potty, and of course his name. He is getting along great with all human and animal members of our family. The cats still hiss at him, so he keeps his distance, but he loves to follow around our chickens and watch the squirrels. He is learning to enjoy car rides, and already everyone he meets falls in love with him. I could not be happier with our choice to get a Timbercreek Kennel Puppy!

Sarah, Kansas 2017

Lori and Wayne Harms are the friendliest people you could ever meet and their Irish Wolfhounds are above exceptional! Westley is our first Irish Wolfhound from Timbercreek but our fourth Irish Wolfhound to share our home and we are simply amazed at how well-mannered, healthy, and friendly he is with everyone. He fits right in with our nine-year-old and three-year IW girls, bringing endless hours of joy for all. We are a large family of seven with a newborn granddaughter in our household, and Westley loves spending time with everyone and has been extremely gentle around the baby.


Westley has been by far the healthiest, most well-adjusted puppy with a great personality and temperament, and a terrific physique, plus the most beautiful coat of fur ever. He loves playing challenging, stimulating games and learns new tricks quickly and has excelled in his obedience training. I give this credit to all the love and attention that Lori and Wayne, especially Lori gave to him during his critical developmental stage.


The love and care that Lori invests in her dogs (her family) is evident from the interviews, to the updates during the whelping of the puppies, to progress reports of their growth, to the very details she goes through to prepare them for their new homes, and even staying in touch with you afterwards with helpful information. The kind hospitality received not only from Lori and Wayne but the joyous and exuberant greeting from their four-legged family members made us feel very welcomed. And the tears shared at our parting were sincere and genuine when it was time to say goodbye, we really didn’t want to leave Kansas or Timbercreek. There is no doubt that Lori gave all of heart and energy into raising those puppies for their future homes. She has a heart of gold and we feel so blessed to have had that opportunity to meet and be a part of the Timbercreek Family.


Lori and Wayne are the kindest, most welcoming people you could ever call friends. We hope we have the good fortune to adopt another Timbercreek Irish Wolfhound in the future. We truly believe they are one of the best breeders there are and you should consider yourself lucky to have a Timbercreek Wolfhound!


Micki and Dave Rodenborn, and family

Manteca, California

Sire: Huckleberry, Dam: Maeve,

Litter June 14, 2017

Hello from Wisconsin. If you are reading these testimonials  you are reading the stories of hope, trust ,joy and great love of people like me who have been blessed to meet Lori ,Wayne and her amazing Irish wolfhounds.I always wanted an Irish wolfhound but wanted to wait for the right time in my life to get one.I have always known  that I wanted to have the time to make bringing a wolfhound into my life a priority.After 20 years of growing up, changing career's, raising children,I was finally ready.

If anyone has researched the breed,and breeders you know finding a puppy who a breeder will sell is almost impossible.Heck getting a breeder to even speak to you or return an email or text seems like an act of God.I spent hours and hours out of many months searching, researching and praying to find a breeder who had healthy, happy, wolfhounds who was willing to consider letting me purchase a puppy.I had seen the Timber Creek web sight and fell in love with Loris dogs.They have the look of contentment ,self assurance and knowing they are loved in their eyes.I emailed Lori about puppies and at the time she did not have any.She did say she would put me on the waiting list and contact me when one if her girls was going to have puppies.My thought at the time was I will never hear from her again.I ran into so many roadblocks and disappointments in my search I just expected it.That was in August of 2017 .I kept on looking ,I went to dog shows,read about the breed, called Vets in my area to make sure I would have a vet who knew about the breed and how to treat one in case I did get luck and get a puppy.Honestly I was defeated and heart sick.Then out of the blue Lori emailed me that Darby was going to have babies.From then on Lori would send pictures of Darby with her pregnancy belly and updates and how things were going.

On Friday Nov. 24 the the puppies were born and I was a crazy lady.Iam sure Lori thought I was not right in the head.Over the following weeks pictures and texts were sent and I couldn't wait till they were old enough for visitors.Finally on January 5 my girlfriend and I headed out for Kansas to meet Lori and the babies.It was a 10 hour drive from here to Lori and Wayne's.

When we arrived at their place and the crew came out to greet us I literally could have started to cry.Loris wolfhounds are breath taking.They are so friendly and happy to have new people there.

Wayne and Lori are down to earth and welcoming .They made us feel at home right away.We talked for hours ,loved a hugged in the puppies and the adults and fell in love with everyone.Wayne is gifted with a wonderful sense of humor and you can tell he is proud of Lori and the dogs.Lori loves her  dogs and they are part of her family.

When we left we made plans for return trip in 3 weeks to pickup my little man.I could not believe I was really going to finally get my baby.

It's now been almost 3 weeks since we have had Breacan.He is the best puppy anyone could ask for.I take him to work with me every day.I work at an assisted living facility and he is so good with the residents.There isn't any jumping,or acting crazy like most puppies do.He just seems to know he needs to be gentle.I am head over heels in love with him.

If you truly want a Irish wolfhound who has strong healthy genetics and  fabulous disposition  you will want to get your puppy from Timbercreek.A word of advice, listen to all Lori has to tell you.She knows her stuff.Also,if you aren't going to love  your puppy with all you have in you or aren't willing to make them totally a part of your family rethink a wolfhound.They need love and companionship.Lori puts her heart and soul into everyone of her puppies.They have only known love and compassion.That is why they are so great.If you are able to get a puppy from Lori and Wayne you are blessed don't take it for granted ever.Thank you Lori from the bottom of my heart for my boy.You will never be sorry you chose me to be is second human momma.

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